We combine

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The build-in application that makes sure you won’t get irritated by all those confronting advertisements online. So no more ads anymore!

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S-Guard is equipped with the newest techniques of VPN, called Wireguard. The connection is 100x faster than other VPN providers, and all of your data will be secure with powerful encryption.

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Plug and Play

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Easily install the Secrevo S-Guard privacy filter between your modem and router. The S-Guard will then install itself automatically.

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A privacy filter you need

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Independent, secure, and easy to use
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The system uses the newest technologies so it can work with less code and perform better than other online security providers

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The advanced ad-blocker blocks advertisements such as Google display ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and many more!

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Advanced VPN

To stay completely anonymous Secrevo has inter-graded the most advanced VPN in the world, it is faster and more secure than other providers!

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Prevents data collection

Due to the advanced VPN your medical, financial, and other personal data is kept secrete.

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Virus blacklist

Secrevo has a blacklist of harmful sites and blocks them, if a user finds a malicious site he also can block it and send it to the global blacklist.

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Prevents location tracing

IP-tracing is being blocked by an encryption code, also if you have the application on your phone it will turn off the hardware GPS.

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Fastens your internet

Go like a rocket! Secrevo Privacy Filter will block unnecessary code which will make your internet even faster.

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``Best of all``

Every device can be connected to the Secrevo Privacy Filter and have all the advantages, in- and outside the wifi range!

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The most powerful Privacy Filter at the moment

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To make it all work, and let it run smoothly, the Secrevo S-Guard privacy filter is equipped with the latest hardware technologies. All the components make it possible to install the device within minutes and let it run for years without hesitation.
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Build with a passion to avoid hackers and data leaks

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To protect your data and to keep hackers/malware out of your house the Secrevo-sx privacy filter is equipped with an Intrusion Detection System. The system will scan every bit of data that comes in, if something does not fit in or is malicious it will give an alert. The Intrusion Prevention System will then redirect that item or block it so nothing harmful will pass through. These two systems act as a filter in your network!
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Become the eye in the sky

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With the intergraded dashboard you can always see what is going on within your network and perform necessary actions or just enjoy the graphics. To protect the privacy of each other in a household the sites that are being visited at the time are not visible.

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